• 06 december
    «Тануки» всегда по пути

    Вкусные роллы и скидка 10% – это возможно. За заказ, который вы сами заберете из ресторана, платите меньше.
    Отличный вариант для тех, кто желает по дороге домой или на работу захватить что-нибудь вкусное, да еще и получить приятный бонус.
    Как получить скидку? Оформляя очередной заказ, выберите способ доставки «Забрать из ресторана», затем укажите ближайший «Тануки». Ваш заказ будет готов в течение 30 минут.

    Приятного аппетита!… Detailed
  • 25 september
    Visit our new restaurant "Kuntsevo Plaza" on Yartsevskaya 19. Be the first to discover the modern way of "Tanuki" and praised the new design favorite restaurant. Share with us your impressions and fresh ideas in social networks or e-mail! And perhaps it is your decisions will be new discoveries in the updated design of your favorite restaurants!… Detailed
  • 02 september
    Fresh delight fort hose,who prefer healthy way of life and look for something new in familiar. Light Fresh-rolls– is the wonderful combination of fresh ingredients and unique original taste. California fresh, Akhiru fresh, Mimoza fresh, Avokado fresh and Gyuniku fresh.… Detailed
  • 16 march
    Due to technical advances we present you the new “Tanuki” app for Android too. Now you can install it to any devices – smart phone or tablet. We have prepared all modern trends specially for you: fast menu loading in the background mode, detailed menu in HD-quality, three clicks to make the order without registration, and following the order status on-line. See the info of “Tanuki” restaurants you need, make the routes using the city or metro maps.… Detailed
  • 20 february
    “Tanuki” congratulates all men with Defenders of Fatherland Day! To gain a victory you need not just show persistence, but be self-confident. We wish all men not to give up and always be real heroes for their women. Have a victory mood, peace of mind and clear heavens!… Detailed
  • 20 february
    With the beginning of the Great Fast, we invite you to visit our restaurants, this spring we suggest you to try 14 new menu items. These new dishes will easily prove Japanese cuisine fans that fasting is possible without changes of the taste. … Detailed
  • 18 february
    “Tanuki” and Google Corporation developed special virtual tours for you. Now you are able to have a wonderful travel to any of our restaurants, staying at home! Open Google maps or just visit our site, choose any of our restaurants and travel over it in 3D panorama regime. Meet the interior; choose the place you would like to visit and book the table right off the bat!… Detailed
  • 06 june
    We developed a universal format of Tanuki site for mobile devices. Visit via smartphone or use all site functions with no limits. The interface will automatically adjust to the screen resolution of your mobile device.
    Now it became faster, easier and more convenient to make the delivery order! … Detailed